About Us

Daniel Hebert Inc. is a family owned and operated business that has been passed down through three generations.  Originally founded in 1928 by Treffle Hebert, the grandfather of Daniel Hebert Jr., the Treffle Hebert Company thrived, and having struggled and survived through two World Wars and the Great Depression, emerged in the North Country’s construction industry circle as a fair, honest and quality oriented contractor worthy of doing business with.

In 1954, Daniel Hebert Sr., Treffle Hebert’s son, purchased the Company, and accordingly changed its name to Daniel Hebert Inc.  Daniel Hebert Sr. continued with the mechanical contracting aspects of the family business.  In 1975, Daniel Hebert Inc.’s continued association and good working relationship with other industry trades, afforded the company the opportunity to branch out into General Contracting.  This significantly broadened the Company’s client base, placing new emphasis on the Company’s Project Management capabilities as well as its expertise in the mechanical and electrical contracting fields.

In 1980, the Company was purchased by its present owner and president Daniel Hebert, Jr.  Daniel Hebert Jr. has continued with the tradition established by his forefathers, striving for excellence in quality and workmanship. In keeping with industry trends and developments, Daniel Hebert Inc. continues to be progressive with project approach and solution orientation, employing personnel with the knowledge and experience to meet the growing market demand, and the technological requisites necessary to propel the Company into the 21st century as an industry leader.  Our staff experience diversity, along with our associate network in New England, gives Daniel Hebert Inc.  the competitive edge, and makes us an exemplary choice for your contracting needs.